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How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Great During the Summer

How to Keep Your Air Conditioning Running Great During the Summer

Once the weather starts to heat up, dealing with a broken HVAC near Dallas, TX, can become a serious inconvenience. Use the following tips to help avoid getting stuck without AC this summer. summer - AC

Clean Your AC’s Filter

Like many household systems, your air conditioner requires some upkeep to run continuously and efficiently. One essential step in AC maintenance is taking care of the filter. This part of the unit collects airborne debris, helping to prevent it from accumulating in your home and inside of the air conditioner. If your AC uses a disposable filter, then it should be replaced once a month. Similarly, reusable filters ought to be cleaned monthly.

Keep the Unit Clutter-Free

It’s common for people to forget about their air conditioner, as it is often located in an out-of-sight location in the yard. However, it’s important to check up on your AC’s external unit now and then to be sure that it remains free of debris. Remove fallen leaves and pick up any clutter that is being stored on or near the air conditioner. Additionally, trim back any foliage that may be obstructing its air flow.

Schedule a Maintenance Visit

It’s common for individuals to put off home HVAC maintenance until they have a problem, seeing tune-ups as a waste of money. Unfortunately, this can lead to inopportune summer breakdowns and air conditioners that run inefficiently and raise your utility costs. When you choose to have your AC inspected at least once per year, you can potentially avoid broken units, costly repairs, and an unnecessarily high electric bill.

Watch for Warning Signs

To help keep your AC running smoothly through the summer months, you should be aware of the signs which can indicate a need for HVAC repair services. Loud clunking or grinding noises, for example, are a definite sign that something isn’t working right. If the air coming from your registers is warm or less cool than usual, you should contact an HVAC expert. Some other indications of a problem include strange odors, uneven cooling throughout your home, and an air conditioner that runs continuously.

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