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How to Prevent a Clogged Drain

Are you looking for ways to prevent clogged drains near Dallas? One of the best ways to avoid calling a plumber for a clogged drain is to be careful of what you wash down your sink. Oil is one the most common culprits behind clogs because once it coats your pipes, other materials can get stuck and accumulate. To avoid this, save your cooking grease in an old food container and toss it out along with the trash. A simple way to avoid the need for a plumber is to prevent hair and food debris from getting into your pipes by covering your drains with a screen.

Regular cleaning will also help prevent clogs, so remember to run hot water down your sink after each use to help avoid oil buildup. Dropping a handful of baking soda over your drain and washing it down with hot water is another great method for cleaning your pipes and neutralizing bad odors. To give your drains a more thorough cleaning, pour a cup of vinegar down the drain, allow it to sit for half an hour, and then wash it down with hot water.


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