Emergency Plumber Dallas

Here’s the thing with your plumbing problems. They will never give you a heads up. You won’t get a call or a polite letter when a leak asks you – is it a bad time right now to give you a headache and send your water bills sky high? A sucker punch is all that you will get. When and where you expect it the least. Your wife gives you a call while you are at work to give you the bad news. Your water heater is leaking. Or, you’re having a great time with your friends when your water line breaks and ruins it all.

Who are you gonna call?emergency plumbing

An idealistic homeowner believes that there’s a bunch of plumbers just waiting to take an emergency call. You will hardly find a plumber who doesn’t like to brag about their emergency services.

“You won’t have to pay an astronomical bill for our emergency plumbing services.”

When you are dealing with a plumbing emergency, the money is the last thing on your mind. You know and you expect to pay extra. However, you also don’t want to pay the mind-blowing price for digging a new Panama Canal in your bathroom. We have been in this business since 1923. More than one generation of proud homeowners in Dallas has had a chance to see first-hand that we never take advantage of your emergency situation.

“We will come right away, but unfortunately we can’t fix your problem right now.”

You thought that your plumbing troubles were over, the moment a knight-technician in shinning armor-equipment set foot in your home. Sadly, all you get is a business card and a promise that someone will take care of it first thing in the morning. Very often, we can fix plumbing emergencies in a matter of hours right on the spot. If we’re dealing with an extremely complex problem, you haven’t been fully aware of, we won’t let you down. We will come up with a temporary solution that can help you get back to your daily routine and normal life. The very next day we will get back with enough manpower and additional tools to fix your problem for good.

“Our work comes with a guarantee, but emergencies are an exception.”

Just because you have to respond quickly and even improvise, it doesn’t give you an excuse to provide a poor quality of services. In its essence, every plumbing intervention is an emergency, more or less. An emergency puts additional pressure on our team to deliver quality work and service. The guarantee you get is all the same. It doesn’t make a difference if we had to work in the middle of a day or night. We guarantee that our solutions and work will last.

When the best take care of the worst-case scenarios

Most of the plumbing service providers just can’t afford to have a technician or the whole team who specializes only for emergencies. What usually happens is that you end up with a technician you caught during his shift or the one who was the closest to your home at the given moment. You hope for the best and you expect that the best technicians will help you with your emergency. We don’t gamble with our client’s trust. We send only the most experienced and skillful technicians because our reputation is at stake with every emergency call we take.

Preparation is the key to successful emergency work

You aren’t a plumbing expert. There’s no way you could possibly know what tools and spare parts are required for your emergency. That’s our job. We don’t play a prediction game. That’s why each of our service trucks is like a warehouse on wheels. A true pro doesn’t have to run to the supply house to get what is needed for an emergency work. We are prepared to expect the unexpected with every emergency task we accept to solve. We will come to your home fully prepared and equipped.

Your peace of mind is your right not a privilegeplumber

An emergency shouldn’t be the end of your world, but rather the beginning of a long-lasting partnership with our technicians. You never know when and where a plumbing problem is going to hit you. You can’t predict or prevent it with an absolute certainty. What you can do is to team up with the trustworthy technicians who will deal with your emergencies in no time. You need someone who will be the kindest when you are at your weakest. Emergency repairs aren’t only the test of our skills, but also a confirmation of our professional integrity.

Your emergency – Our promise

You will always know what and why we’re doing it. We won’t begin with our emergency work until everything is crystal clear and accepted. We don’t make money by waiting for emergency calls to charge extra, but rather by building trustworthy relationships to last longer. Every emergency plumbing challenge is an opportunity for you to see your plumber at his best or worst. The way they behave, work and eventually charge you are all the indications how you will be treated in the future for both emergency plumbing and regular plumbing work.