Shower Tubs Repair Dallas

Is your shower running with low pressure or dripping? Is your tub stopper clogged with bath products, such as hair, soap, or dead skin cells? These problems can be quite annoying. If not treated properly and on time they can escalate into costly repairs. Don’t hesitate and take your shower or tub problems for granted. Our job is to make sure you can take a shower with nothing to worry about. We can also fix all crucial components, so you can enjoy and relax in your tub.

Showers and Tubs – Installations and Repairsshowers and tubs

It’s not an easy thing to accurately identify and locate a plumbing problem that’s causing so much trouble to your showers and tubs. The catch is to fix all the issues quickly and efficiently with the minimal damage to your bathroom. Your loved ones will certainly appreciate if the repair work in a bathroom doesn’t take too long.

Our shower and tub repair services include the following:

  • Repair and replacement of your showerheads and faucets. If these elements are old, leaky, or rusty, then it’s about time to repair them. Sometimes the only available option is to replace them with the new ones. Our technicians are ready to help you with a word or two of useful advice. For instance, you can choose to install a low-flow showerhead. This option is a perfect choice for households where minimizing the water bills are a priority. Or, you can opt for chrome fixtures, which are the perfect choice for easy cleaning.
  • Location of leaks and repairs. The most common places to check for any potential leaks are the showerheads, the tile surround, the shower door or pan. We pay a great deal of attention when it is necessary to accurately determine your shower or tub leak. The more you wait or look for leaks in the wrong places, the more damage you will do to your bathroom.
  • Shower and tub drainage problems. Very often unclogging your shower or tub drain fixes all your drainage issues. However, if the sewer lines are affected then the professional help and work are required. The drainage problem can be so serious that you have to thoroughly repair or replace the sewer lines.
  • The water pressure issues. Sometimes replacing your showerhead can eliminate your water pressure problems. If that’s not the case then we have to determine the cause of your water pressure instability.

Showers and Tubs installation

We all know that the prevention is the best possible cure. When it comes to showers and tubs, the proper installation work can prevent a great deal of future problems. Of course, if you let the pros deal with it. We understand and support all DIY shower and tub enthusiasts in Dallas. Our kudos to their efforts and time invested. However, do you really want to spend the whole week installing a new shower or tub? Our technicians can take of all installation work in a matter of hours or up to one working day. Let someone else do the installation work and clean after themselves. Your job is to enjoy a shower or a long bath with a peace of mind because you know that nothing can go wrong.