Plumbing Repair Dallas

It’s understandable that some people hesitate when the time comes to call a plumber. Sometimes, finding a reliable, trustworthy, and affordable plumbing repair company in Dallas can as challenging as if you have been trying to find a needle in a haystack. This isn’t an exaggeration. If you already had a plumbing problem then you know what we’re talking about. We have been providing the plumbing repair services since the early 1920s. This is an entire lifetime we have devoted to our work and clients in Dallas. Our community has had plenty of time to put our reputation and skills to the test. We are proud that we have had a unique opportunity to serve more than one generation of our customers.

Solutions for all plumbing repair budgets and family budgets

We are a reliable provider of both major and minor plumbing repairs. We feel comfortable when handling upgrades, new construction or total renovation tasks. Our services are perfectly suited for both residential and commercial users. We are solution finders and deal makers. Our business philosophy urges to invest in long-term and trustworthy relationships. The quality of our services comes first and the money we earn comes second. We have a flawless working record and countless five-star reviews. That’s way, we don’t need catchy phrases to hide behind. No plumbing repair is too big or too small for our team of technicians. You will be treated with respect and your privacy will be honored regardless of the amount of money you’re ready to invest in our services. You may need a simple drain clog cleaning or installation of a new water heater or a complete reconstruction of your sewer lines. Whether it’s a few minutes work or a serious involvement that asks from us to spend months in the field, you will get the best plumbing repair services the money can buy in Dallas. And, rest assured, you will be able to afford them. 

plumbing repair

Our plumbing repair services cover the following:

  • Bathroom sink inspection/repair
  • Gas, water, and drain piping
  • Sewer service lines
  • Water or steam boiler repair/replacement
  • Garbage disposal services
  • Gas and water leaks
  • Natural gas, propane piping, and ventilation work

Why should you choose our plumbing repair services?

Nowadays, you are literally overwhelmed by the ads and shiny websites of the self-proclaimed “plumbing gurus” who are trying to present their services as a rocket science. We are doing an important job for every household in Dallas. Yet, we prefer for our work to speak for itself. Here’s a list of our advantages to help you make the right choice.


  • Clients first approach. From the first client we helped in the 1920s to this very day, we haven’t changed a thing about our most basic business approach. Our contact details have been passed on from one generation to another of our loyal clients in Dallas. We are proud and we feel the heavy burden of responsibility never to let you down.
  • The best people for the best services. It’s not an easy thing for candidates to become the members of our team. Our working uniform is reserved only for the people who match our rigorous selection criteria. Every single member of our team we send to your home to do a plumbing repair work had to go through training, certification, insurance, and a complete background check process.
  • The full transparency of our pricing policy. Before we begin with our plumbing repair work, we will make sure that everything is crystal clear when it comes to our prices. You will know what we are planning to do and how much is going to cost you to the tiniest detail. There are no nasty surprises and hidden costs with our plumbing repair services. Our priority is to get more work and new recommendations.
  • Safety is guaranteed. Property is protected. We are fully insured for all eventualities regarding our work and services. You can have a complete peace of mind because you know that any worst-case scenario is covered. If some of our technicians get hurt, our insurance will cover it. That’s not your problem. Also, if we damage your property by accident, we will take care of it too and compensate you fairly.
  • Our technicians clean thoroughly after themselves. This may seem like a trivial point as the first glance. However, the truth is that many homeowners appreciate when they don’t have to clean after the technicians are done with their work and on their way to the plumbing company HQ. You pay us to do our repair work properly. This means that you have to get the perfectly clean working place for the price we agreed upon. This is your right, not a privilege.
  • When we say emergency plumbing repairs, we mean it for real. We are available 24/7. There are no excuses or apologies to let down our customers at their hour of needs. We don’t take advantage of your situation. Just because we are providing you with the emergency work, it doesn’t mean that we will charge you with the astronomical bills to pay.

    Trustworthy plumbing repair company in Dallas since 1923

    We have been a part of our local community for almost a hundred years. There’s a high probability that we provided plumbing services for some of our customers’ grandparents. We are fully insured and licensed to provide plumbing service in Dallas. Our family-owned and operated business values integrity, honesty and hard work. Whether you need simple or complex plumbing repairs, Hooper Plumbing has the experience to help. So, gives us a call and put our good name to the test. We have been around for almost a century and we are here to stay. Stay around and witness first-hand when we celebrate the first hundred years of successful and respectable plumbing repair work in Dallas.